Piaggio Gilera Typhoon

Malossi Set Group Thermal Mhr Ø47, 6 Gilera Typhoon X 50 2t

Malossi Set Group Thermal Mhr Ø47, 6 Gilera Typhoon X 50 2t

Malossi Set Group Thermal Mhr Ø47, 6 Gilera Typhoon X 50 2t    Malossi Set Group Thermal Mhr Ø47, 6 Gilera Typhoon X 50 2t

Malossi set MHR ø47, 6 gilera typhoon 50 x 2t. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have questions, feel free to contact us. Gruppo termico mhr ø 47.6 in alluminio con spinotto ø 12.

Aprilia mojito custom aprilia scarabeo 50 2 t 50 t 2 street (piaggio) Aprilia Sportcity one 50 euro street 2 t 2 euro rider Aprilia SR50 2 t 2 derbi atlantis - bullet 50 2t 2003-> derbi variant sports 50 2 t 50 gilera easy mobile 2 t 2 t 50 gilera ice storm gilera gilera stalker 50 2 t 50 t 2 50 2 t gilera typhoon gilera typhoon x 50 2 t 50 Italjet jet set 2 t piaggio diesis 50 2 t piaggio nrg extreme 50 2 t piaggio fly 50 2 t Piaggio 50 2 t piaggio liberty 50 2 t piaggio nrg mc3 dt 50 2t piaggio nrg power dt 50 2 t (c453m) piaggio sfera restyling 50 2 t piaggio sfera 50 piaggio typhoon 50 2T 2t 2007-> 2010 piaggio typhoon 50 2t euro 2 2011-> (c421m) piaggio Zip 50 2T fast driver piaggio Zip 50 2t 2000-> piaggio Zip 50 2t. Cilindro - material: special aluminum alloy with a high percentage of silicon and titanium which guarantees.

Un'elevata indeformabilità alle alte temperature. Heat treatment: hardening and special stabilization which give the material a high level tenacità e. Rigidity, garantendo the costanza delle caratteristiche meccaniche e dimensionali fino a temperature di 250 ° C. Lavorazioni per asportazione di truciolo: realizzate knew centri di lavoro con has controllo numerico tolleranze dimensionali e di forma (cilindricità, rotondità, perpendicolarità) strettissime. Embodiment on the inner surface: made with a silicon carbide coating on a nickel matrix, heat-treated, which guarantees a very high hardness of the order of 600 HV0.1 / 5 with. Very high resistance to wear and tear.

Machining of internal cylinder: using special machines that allow to get a degree. Finitura high sulle pareti di Scorrimento con incrocio della Roughness secondo gli angoli. Imposed on the design stage (soap).

Diagrams exhaust and transfer: designed and built specifically for the competition. The definition of discharge charts and transfer required a substantial commitment on the part of. Our technicians on Dessai static benches and on competition grounds where the trophy is held. Pistone - material: special alloy with high percentage of silicon to ensure the highest level. Resistenza has caldo ed indeformabilità al variare delle temperature.

Outer coating: coating which ensures a very low coefficient of friction sytems. Structure: reinforced to withstand the stresses imposed on a thermal unit competition. At the highest level, but at the same time retains a remarkably light to reduce the inertial forces. Band: spheroidal cast rectangular section of 1 mm with chrome support. Hard on the outer surface. Segments - spheroidal cast segments with high mechanical strength and on the insert contact surface.

Wear-resistant hard chromium ground and lapped. Testa -Material: special aluminum alloy with high thermal coefficient an Exchange. Geometry thermal déchanges surfaces recalculated and increased.

Redesigned combustion chamber to a compression ratio. High with very high turbulence. Machining on CNC machine tools.

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    Malossi Set Group Thermal Mhr Ø47, 6 Gilera Typhoon X 50 2t    Malossi Set Group Thermal Mhr Ø47, 6 Gilera Typhoon X 50 2t