Piaggio Gilera Typhoon

5214738 Malossi Clutch Bell + Ø107 Delta Mhr Piaggio Typhoon 50 2t 11

5214738 Malossi Clutch Bell + Ø107 Delta Mhr Piaggio Typhoon 50 2t 11

5214738 Malossi Clutch Bell + Ø107 Delta Mhr Piaggio Typhoon 50 2t 11    5214738 Malossi Clutch Bell + Ø107 Delta Mhr Piaggio Typhoon 50 2t 11

5214738 malossi clutch bell ø107 + delta mhr piaggio typhoon 50 2t 11. This product has been automatically translated. If you have questions, feel free to contact us. Clutch and bell ø 107 delta system mhr to piaggio engines.

Delta system mhr (piaggio - clutch bell ø 107). Complete with centrifugal clutch bell for scooter mhr. System composed of the famous. Patented adjustable clutch (clutch delta).

The bell explosion reinforced (wing clutch bell mhr) with cooling fins dynamically balanced, designed for a competitive and sports use. Delta clutch is a clutch born in the racing environment scooters and quickly became the reference tool, indispensable for the development of vehicles. The simplicity of the system allows very little time to adjust the tension of the spring opposite to the centrifugal force and the possibility of replacing the spring itself by others who have a different k, available malossi catalog. The other function is to vary the position of the yoke which determines the pressure of the friction material against the inner wall of the bell and even replace the yoke itself by another of a different weight.

The entire system is covered by a patent to protect the product counterfeiters and copiers that attempt shamelessly bypass the invention at every turn. Over time, Delta has been the recognition of all the most qualified technicians and facts evidenced, as it is adopted by all race teams and sports a wide clientele, which recorded a continuous increase in sales. As it is natural for malossi, the product has always been followed during his journey delta has gradually been optimized with small tips, but important to keep the product always at the forefront. It should be known that asbestos has never been used in the clutches malossi and we are proud of, and it is clear that to achieve current levels of quality and reliability, the company has had to invest heavily in research, in particular on the friction materials, and now it can conclusively claim to be in possession of proprietary formulas to produce materials resistant to high temperatures, capable of maintaining unchanged the friction coefficient even when subjected to prolonged stresses. Bell forged seamless hardened and nitrided 39nicrmo5 with antioxidant surfaces.

Crown explosion reinforcing fin to dissipate heat in order to protect the friction material, tested at more than 20 000 r / min. Contact surface with discharge holes dimensioned and arranged so as to obtain a continuous grinding of the friction material. Original architecture with openings designed to create a dynamic ventilation effect capable of offering the possibility to intervene in the system to vary the clutch adjustment. Very high finishing shades with very tight tolerances. Given the broad interest in these two articles, we decided to do something pleasant for our customers by offering a box to enclose the two products.

This allows malossi provide both quality products in a single package and at a slightly lower price. Products exclusively for races in locations that are referred to them in accordance with the relevant sports authorities. We are not responsible for misuse. Centrifugal clutch system with clutch housing for scooter mhr. The system includes the famous.

In addition, the bell reinforced clutch (clutch bell wing mhr) with cooling fins, dynamically balanced, designed for competition and sports applications. Delta clutch is a clutch developed in scooter racing circuits and has become in a short time a reference product, key performance scooter. The simplicity of the system allows a quick adjustment of the spring with respect to the centrifugal force and the ability to interchange a spring with different k values. These values ​​are listed in the catalog malossi. Another option is that this system allows the setting of the small mass of position which determines the pressure between the friction material and clutch housing. In addition, the small mass is interchangeable with other variable weight masses. The complete system is patented to protect against brazen attempts to copy and tamper with the product. Delta has obtained recognition of many skilled tuners and facts are proof: used by all racing teams and a lot of sports racers, resulting in a continuous increase in sales. It has been optimized by implementing updates small but important, maintaining delta as a top product. We are very proud that the clutches malossi are asbestos-free, however, many investments in research were necessary to achieve this level of quality, reliability and especially the selection of friction materials.

We can now say with great certainty that we have a proprietary formula to produce a material resistant to high temperatures which does not change its coefficient of friction due to prolonged operational constraints. Forged clutch bell, without welds, in 39nicrmo5 steel, hardened nitrogenous surface with an antioxidant surface treatment. The crown reinforcement machined fin enhances heat dissipation, protecting the friction material of the clutch, tested to more than 20 000 r / min. Radial scraping holes added to the contact surface dimensioned and positioned to continuously clean the friction material of the clutch. Original system concept with apertures designed to create a dynamic ventilation and offering the possibility to adjust the settings of the inner clutch.

The highest trim levels and maintained extremely close tolerances. Due to the high demand for these two products, we decided to offer them both in one package. This allows malossi provide both quality products with savings for the customer. Produced exclusively for competitive use in areas designated for competitions in accordance with regulations stipulated by the competent sporting authority. Aprilia Mojito Custom 50 2t.

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    5214738 Malossi Clutch Bell + Ø107 Delta Mhr Piaggio Typhoon 50 2t 11    5214738 Malossi Clutch Bell + Ø107 Delta Mhr Piaggio Typhoon 50 2t 11